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Best Gym Experience Ever! Macho is not like any other gym, the energy in the place is amazing, and knowledge you get from trainers here..they are eager to take time with you to get the technique right. The classes are intense for every level and you will love diverse workouts combinations and always...with a HINT of good humor.

Dee T.

Macho gym is genuinely the least pretentious and fun gym I have ever been to. Egos are left at the door and the members and coaches are some of the nicest people ever. It’s more than a gym, people are always looking out for one another, new members are welcomed so warmly and the best part is.......you will get seriously fit! When I first joined, I was horribly unfit and now I can honestly say I am the fittest I have ever been. In a lot of other gyms the focus for women is often on weight loss which is rarely mentioned at macho, the emphasis is on fitness and fun instead. Its amazing watching how much weight members at macho are loosing because fat loss isn’t the focus and for me personally my body shape has completely changed and I am leaner and stronger which motivates me hugely. A class at macho always involves great music, so much laughter, a lot of sweat and at the end, a sense of achievement! I’ve never known anyone to try macho once and not want to come back. Also those who leave, ALWAYS come back because there really is no where else like Macho.

Laura Mary Nelson

I've been with Macho Gym for about 7 years on & off, due to different job locations & not driving. I'm now situated in Ballymount for work so I'm only around the corner & I've been a member now for 12 months & I love it. There's such a great atmosphere in there. As soon as you walk through the door you're greeted with friendly welcoming smiles & chats. Everyone is there for their own reason, their own goals. There's no clicks & the classes are amazing! They're tough. You have to be prepared to put the work in, but the coaches make it so much fun. All fitness classes are suitable for all fitness levels & there's always someone available to offer any help in whatever area you might need for your own progression. Macho gym is a place where when you walk through the door you walk in smiling & excited at whatever the coaches have up their sleeve for class. & you leave laughing!! Laughing at the banter that went on, & laughing from pride that you got through the class / workout. I couldn't recommend this place enough! It's so friendly, highly professional & motivational. And not to mention spotless!! I've met some really really nice people that I can genuinely call friends too! Macho gym is a lot more than just a gym! Keep doing what you're doing guys...

Michelle Baker

Ken and all the crew in Macho Gym are top notch, they’ve serious energy, they never take anything too serious bar the workouts. I’m with Ken from day one 10 + years and he still treats me the same, always giving me his full attention. I highly recommend this Gym.

Andrew Dalton

I bounced around gyms for a few years, then joined Ken and the team at Macho gym in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. Having Become Fitter and stronger than ever, it’s a testament to the coaches and classes. A serious gym with a friendly atmosphere. Be prepared to Workout harder and push more than you’ve ever done before, in a fun but serious group environment with knowledgeable coaches and great facilities.

Gavin D. Member of Macho gym 804 hardcore fitness class since 2014

Couldn't recommend the gym enough, from first day walking in the lads were very welcoming making it a home away from home. Top class facilities and all the lads always focusing on improving themselves and the gym. Classes are well structured and cater for all abilities. Completed my ACL rehab here and atmosphere was top notch which made the whole process a lot easier.

Mike Russell

I've been with macho for many years and could never return to an "ordinary gym". Ken and all the amazing coaches provide a wide range of training schedules for people of all backgrounds and ability. Above all else is the macho community, the social aspect of the gym which is unmatched anywhere else.

Jason Quinn